I want to spread the life-changing wonders of FIRE to help spark others to financial freedom.

When I was a child, I looked up to female pioneers of publishing and always thought “one day, that’ll be me.” I had a drive to work hard.

Now, juxtapose this feeling with an even more niggling one. The idea that, even though I wanted to work, and had the DNA to be successful at work, I would have to do it until I was in my seventies, or later.

The theory was that after a lifetime of hard slog and dedicated tenure – I could finally afford to retire. But whether or not I’d be able to enjoy that retirement, or even be alive to, was another story.

My finite period on earth would be made up the same way it had been for millions of others – by the exchange of my most precious commodity; time, for money.

So, when my husband and I discovered FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) a number of years ago, it felt like we had stumbled upon something truly amazing. Since then, we have been saving and investing for an early retirement, hopefully decades before we otherwise might be able to. As a writer, I document our journey, opinions, ideas, tips and hacks to help others who believe that an amazing life, outside of work, might be available for them, too.

Thank you for joining us, and we hope you get value out of what you find here.

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Ethical investing doesn't need to come at such a high social and environmental cost.
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Ethical Investing for Beginners

“The secret to a fulfilled life is not only to do well, but to do good.” That's ethical investing 101. Whatever your personal, political or social view of the world, there’s one thing we can all agree on: it’s never been as batshit…

The Six Steps To Ensuring Your Financial Independence (And Early Retirement!)

If you're like any of the Aussies with FIRE on the mind (in short: swapping extravagant lifestyles for frugal, intentional living and investing) - the biggest question for  you is... how? The answer, simply, is following the six steps to ensuring…
My tax and business expenses as a minimalist

Managing Business Financials As A Minimalist

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the fallacy that acclaim and success are direct outcomes of how much we earn, or how complicated our affairs are. Accomplishment isn’t linked with complexity. We can merely “work to live” and still…
Preparing for a baby on a budget

Budgeting For A Baby (And FI, Too)

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have heard that financial independence is simply not possible when budgeting for a baby. That as soon as you procreate, all notions of economic autonomy go out the window, along with your sleep, sanity…
Paper trading can be simple once you know how to start

Paper Trading: How To Get Started With 'Fakevesting'

So many Australians are terrified of share investing because of the risk in buying shares, and also because they don’t feel comfortable with their ability to make money on their money. If that’s the case - paper trading, i.e. “fake-vesting”…

A Guide To Managing Money Through Illness

Unexpected illness. It’s the last thing that any of us want to happen - and it’s worse when it comes completely out of the blue. When it does, though, our finances often bear the brunt of the storm. But managing money through illness isn't…

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