Wait, there’s a girl and she’s on FIRE?

I’m a 30-year-old copywriter living in coastal NSW with my husband, the affectionately named Captain Babestick (he has not approved this), beautiful son, the aggiest little rescue cat you’ve ever met and our very own Scooby Doo rescue dawg.

I run my own copywriting and communications strategy house, Wordy and Smith, and write predominantly about saving and investing in property, the stock market and superannuation. Occasionally, I deviate a little and talk about other investments we want to experiment with.

But most importantly – I write about my favourite things ever. Minimalism and money. Intention and money. Generosity and money. The three things that underpin a successful financial life. And it’s my hope that by sharing this snippet of my life, and my money management strategies with you, it will spark the change in you to better your financial future, too.

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    Reached financial freedom and retired early

    We haven’t reached this one yet, but in a few more years we want to be completely financially independent.

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Preparing for a baby on a budget

Budgeting For A Baby (And FI, Too)

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have heard that financial independence is simply not possible when budgeting for a baby. That as soon as you procreate, all notions of economic autonomy go out the window, along with your sleep, sanity…
Paper trading can be simple once you know how to start

Paper Trading: How To Get Started With 'Fakevesting'

So many Australians are terrified of share investing because of the risk in buying shares, and also because they don’t feel comfortable with their ability to make money on their money. If that’s the case - paper trading, i.e. “fake-vesting”…

A Guide To Managing Money Through Illness

Unexpected illness. It’s the last thing that any of us want to happen - and it’s worse when it comes completely out of the blue. When it does, though, our finances often bear the brunt of the storm. But managing money through illness isn't…
Tips to honeymoon on a budget

Let's Talk Money, Honey: Honeymooning On A Budget

The wedding bells have finished chiming, the once-chinking glasses are all back in the special cupboard and it’s time for a little one-on-one, just you two. But how do you think about honeymooning on a budget when everything seems geared to…
What stage of financial independence do you sit?

The Stages Of Financial Independence

A lot of folk say that financial independence doesn’t follow a linear path. That the stages of financial independence change. I disagree, because actually, if you look at common themes in people’s finances across the spectrum, the trends…
The Beautiful Relationship Between FU and FI

The Beautiful Relationship Between FU Money and FI

There’s a common acronym within the financial independence, retire early (FIRE) community - and it’s used often. FU money. For many, it’s a pipe dream they’re diligently working toward being able to say to a specific person, and for…