Wait, there’s a girl and she’s on FIRE?

I’m a 27-year-old copywriter living in Sydney, Australia with my husband, the affectionately named Captain Babestick (he has not approved this), and little rescue cat.

I run my own copywriting and communications strategy house, Wordy and Smith, and write predominantly about saving and investing in property, the stock market and superannuation. Occasionally, I deviate a little and talk about other investments we want to experiment with.

But most importantly – I write about my favourite things ever. Minimalism and money. Intention and money. Generosity and money. The three things that underpin a successful financial life. And it’s my hope that by sharing this snippet of my life, and my money management strategies with you, it will spark the change in you to better your financial future, too.

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    Reached financial freedom and retired early

    We haven’t reached this one yet, but in a few more years we want to be completely financially independent.

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Minimalism And Money: Peas And Carrots

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The Definitive List of Doable Side-Hustles You Can Start Today

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